OPC UA for Plastics and Rubber Machines/Wolfgang Hoeglinger, Engel Austria GmbH

Together with the European umbrella organization "EUROMAP", the OPC UA interfaces for plastics and rubber machines are defined under its name. The EUROMAP 83 is a Companion Specification for general information relating to plastics and rubber machinery. The idea is that object types that are used for different machines and applications are defined only once. For the concrete applications there are specific Companion Specifications (EUROMAP 77, 79, 82, 84). Their generally valid results are then summarised in Euromap 83. The draft was published in May 2019. The Euromap 77 focuses on data exchange between injection moulding machines and a higher-level production control system (MES). The aim is to provide a uniform interface for simpler quality assurance, order and data record management. The draft was published in May 2019. https://opcua.vdma.org/catalog-detail/-/catalog/2376