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Henke meets Salvagnini - S4+P4 line for the subcontractor industry

Henke GmbH was born in 1974, from the production of Münch motorcycles, and became a specialist in industrial sheet metal processing. Today the company works for a wide variety of industries. To develop new areas of business, Henke was looking for a system that was optimally suited for kit production, but that also permitted low unit costs for large series thanks to a high production speed. With the Salvagnini S4 + P4 FMS, the company installed a system that even exceeded their requirements. Thanks to the Salvagnini line and its high degree of automation, Henke is now working much more cost-efficiently, producing higher quantities in a much shorter period of time. ABOUT OUR CHANNEL Our channel explains how we can help companies cut, punch, bend, and panel sheet metal. Our sheet metal working machines include punching machines, combi machines, lasers, press brakes, panel benders, flexible manufacturing systems for Industry 4.0 and lean manufacturing. Subscribe to CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEOS FIND US AT FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: TikTok: