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Salvagnini: Back to the future and beyond

For more than fifty years, Salvagnini has been designing, producing and selling flexible systems for sheet metal processing. In over fifty years the world has changed: digitalization, technological evolution and the fourth industrial revolution have led to cultural and industrial changes. The parameters have changed: we are more interested in ideas than things, the mind more than material, bytes more than atoms. Salvagnini has embraced this change: the concept of beyond manufacturing precisely represents this synthesis between production and the future. Beyond manufacturing is a vision that goes beyond: beyond the image of the industry and mechanical processes, open to ideas, thought, change, mankind. It is a vision of the future consistent with the past that merges with design, dialog and active consulting in the sheet metal working industry. It is a vision that is directed towards sheet metal, but goes beyond it. ABOUT OUR CHANNEL Our channel explains how we can help companies cut, punch, bend, and panel sheet metal. Our sheet metal working machines include punching machines, combi machines, lasers, press brakes, panel benders, flexible manufacturing systems for Industry 4.0 and lean manufacturing. Subscribe to CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEOS FIND US AT FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: TikTok: