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Erhart meets Salvagnini: S4+P4 line for the fire fighting equipment industry

Erhart GmbH has manufactured wall hydrant cabinets for more than 50 years and has also specialized in the development and production of firefighter wardrobes. Its products are under price pressure from Eastern European and Asian companies but, at the same time, Erhart GmbH manufactures in Austria, a country with high energy and labor costs. To maintain a constant manufacturing high-quality level and remain cost-efficient, Erhart GmbH has invested in a Salvagnini S4+P4 production line. Thanks to the new production system, the Austrian company has been able to: - speed up the production time by at least 40% - drastically reduce the storage costs - completely eliminate the setup time and the intermediate part handling - redesign products entirely, eliminating downstream processes such as welding - reduce energy consumption by 55% ABOUT OUR CHANNEL Our channel explains how we can help companies cut, punch, bend, and panel sheet metal. Our sheet metal working machines include punching machines, combi machines, lasers, press brakes, panel benders, flexible manufacturing systems for Industry 4.0 and lean manufacturing. Subscribe to CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEOS FIND US AT FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL Linkedin: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: TikTok: