Experience Robotic Spot Welding with the new FANUC R-2000iD/210FH

The R-2000iD/210FH is the latest model in a large family of industrial robots offering a variety of payloads and reaches. The robot offers a compact design with a hollow arm for better cable management, which minimizes interference with system equipment and allows the robot to operate in tight workspaces. Featuring a 210kg payload and 2605mm reach, the R-2000iD/210FH is ideal for spot welding and material handling applications. Dual Check Safety (DCS) Speed and Position Check software limits the robot's envelope within the compact workspace. Also featured - FANUC’s latest R-30iB Plus controller with an intuitive iPendant for easy setup and operation. Key Features: Hollow arm design provides full internal J1-J6 cabling for handling and spot welding applications. Reliable, large motion range and accurate off-line simulation/programming. Six-axis articulation for maximum flexibility to reach multiple areas within a work cell, even very tight spaces. Best-in-class motion performance provides maximum productivity. High-speed operation minimizes robot cycle times. Simple serial-link configuration, smaller base, and smaller wrist radius provides compact workspace with large envelope. Substantial wrist load ratings support the latest servo weld guns. The latest R-30iB Plus controller features an intuitive iPendant with enhanced screen resolution and more processing capability compared to previous versions. Offers a variety of intelligent functions including iRVision, Force Sensing, ROBOGUIDE, ZDT and DCS.