igm AV robotic welding of railway bogie components - FMS automated flexible manufacturing system

igm flexible manufacturing system (FMS) geared up for 1300 subway bogies per year at Hebei Jingche Rail Transit Vehicle Equipment Co., Ltd. The FMS line was a turn-key project for igm Robotersysteme AG and included design, line layout, development of fixtures, supply of all equipment and commissioning up to hand over to the customer. MAIN COMPONENTS OF THE FMS The FMS line holds the following main systems: • 1 Robotic assembly & tack-welding system • 6 Universal welding robot systems for bogie side frame and cross beam • 2 Universal welding robot systems for bogie main frame • 2 Rail guided vehicles (RGV) for automatic loading and unloading • 1 high raise storage system with embedded RGV and 36 buffer stations • 1 main control room for supervision of the FMS • Pallet system to clamp and transport side frame and cross beam workpieces • Numerous manual workstations for inspection, grinding, etc. • Numerous EOT cranes #igmrobot #roboticwelding #weldingrobot #schweißroboter #roboter #robotic #railway #railwayindustry #china #automation #industrialrobot #manufacturingline #fms #schweißen #schweißautomation #fertigungslinie #productionline #weldingautomation