PadovaLamiere meets Salvagnini - Regain efficiency with OPS, the software for managing production

After installing an L3 #laser system with store-tower PadovaLamiere, an Italian #jobshop with 14 employees, chose OPS to increase the #efficiency of its production process, reducing paperwork and the risk of error. The #digitalization project ended with the adoption of OPS Shop Floor Control which, with a simple PDD touchscreen, allows the operator to accurately identify each part picked up, label it and stack it. The operator just has to touch the screen to receive all the useful information he needs: part ID code, order code, customer code, quantity and any subsequent machining station. This information is printed on the label, which can hold other data too – for instance a barcode used to call up the machine program for the next production step, whether this is inside or outside the factory. And by touching the screen, the operator also provides feedback to the factory ERP, marking a part as completed and updating the production list. The project has allowed PadovaLamiere to regain around 30% efficiency with just a small investment. “OPS has made us even more flexible and reactive,” says Massimiliano Targa, Director of PadovaLamiere. “But it has also helped us to fully exploit our #cutting and #punching systems, with clear costs and totally forecastable production times. Today, with a few monitors installed on the machine, OPS even helps us to separate, stack and label the cut parts. With an extra advantage: 4.0 integration even beyond PadovaLamiere. The labels applied to the produced parts are barcodes containing useful information for subsequent machining phases, performed outside our company. This is a service we offer our more evolved customers, who recognize its practical and economic value.” Just do as PadovaLamiere did: find out how to regain efficiency thanks to OPS! Further information